What the heck is IRIO?

IRIO (eerie-o), founded in 2005, sought to capitalize on the phenomenon of text messaging and mobile internet ahead of the curve and well before the mobile subscriber base began to truly embrace mobile technology. IRIO is named after the first four digits of our unique 5-digit short code - (47464). If you dial the numbers on your phone, it spells out I-R-I-O.

Who are we? Who do we represent?

As trends are shifting away from standard communication, IRIO is keeping up with the times. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, IRIO Mobile Marketing continues to grow based on the sky rocketing phenomenon of text messaging and mobile internet. IRIO is considered as a leader in the text and mobile technology marketing industry, offering its services to the multifamily and student housing industries, nonprofits, restaurants, schools, retailers and independent sales representatives.

IRIO offers a text messaging marketing product suite to engage your customers, reduce your operational costs and enhance your business.